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Don't Force Patients Off Opioids Abruptly, New Guidelines Say, Warning Of Severe Risks

There's no doubt that opioids have been massively overprescribed in U.S. In the haste to address the epidemic, there's been pressure on doctors to reduce prescriptions of these drugs — and in fact prescriptions are declining. But along the way, some chronic pain patients have been forced to rapidly …

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Unexpected Weight-Loss Tips That Anybody Can Do

Sure, you know the main weight-loss techniques: drink lots of water, consume veggies, and workout routinely. But simply when you thought you had actually attempted it all, there's an entire new mix of techniques that might help drop the number on the scale also. Whether it's upping your vitamin D in…

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Keto Fit Pro Review - Things To Know Before Purchase

Finding the ideal fitting denims in your closet can be an inconvenience when you are getting more weight by the minute. Quickly, you are switching to using spacious dresses and skirts at work because they are the only thing that will fit. Perhaps you even use leggings and sweatpants around your hous…

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